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Sustainable and green products shop in Lebanon
Eco-friendly online shop based in Lebanon

Addresses lack of recycling of green & amber glass packaging by reviving the glass blowing artisan-ship in Lebanon.
Recycled glass objects
Fashionable products handmade from recycled bicycle, motorcycle, car and truck tire inner tubes
Designing and making quality bags, accessories and furniture out of advertising banners
Turning plastic waste to sustainable textiles and fashion items
From cushions and sandbags to full on furniture, TEKAYA creates all sorts of home decoration (upcycling)
Biodegradable Containers made of coffee and newspapers
Calculate your carbon footprint using the online calculator and learn how to reduce it
Distributor of Eco-friendly products
100% Eco Friendly Packaging for Gadgets
The Green Jobs Initiative is a joint initiative by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Employers
For Green products and Green innovations

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