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How to Green Your Business

Green your business in three simple steps!

Step 2: Nominate a Green Coordinator. Choose a person within your business to implement the checklist items wherever possible, in addition to communicating with the Green Business Initiative team whenever needed

Step 3: Refresh your checklist frequently. Use updates from the Green Business Initiative website to keep pace with the latest information in cost-effective ways to stay green

Step 4: Follow the Green Actions below to guide you through

Actions to Greening Your Business

1- Audit Your Office
  • The amount and types of materials which are recoverable or potentially recyclable
  • Where most of the recyclables are generated in the company
  • Evaluate how much could be recycled, and how recyclables might best be separated for collection
2 - Inform Yourself - Get information from your recycle concerning
  • The types of materials that are accepted for recycling
  • The potential costs and benefits of recycling, expenses such as for new bins or for employees’ orientation may be covered by selling the recyclables
  • What grades of paper are handled and what is the minimum amount required for pickup
  • How will material need to be collected and what are the common contaminants for each material
3- Create a Method - Create a convenient and efficient method for collecting recyclables by considering
  • Containers: Determine the size and number of containers needed to implement the program. Two containers at each desk (one for recycling and one for trash) is optimal. Put containers in common areas near copiers, in mail rooms, and at printer locations
  • Signage: Put signs on bins and above collection containers indicating what materials are acceptable and what should be kept out. Use pictures, colors, or other visuals to help identify what goes in every bin
  • Employee participation: Collection procedures should be as simple as possible to improve employee participation and to allow for the most effective separation of recyclables
4 - Engage Employees
  • Employees are the main and most valuable asset of the recycling program
  • Educate employees, organize recycling education seminars
  • Identify employees that are enthusiastic about the program and let them help you sell it to the other employees, motivate them with contests and rewards for achieving recycling goals
  • Form teams in every department, or company divisions
  • Organize competitions to determine which team is recycling the most in order to boost the program and generate enthusiasm
  • Email recycling tips and reminders or distribute fliers
  • Include recycling information in the company website, newsletter, or other internal communication
5- Announce - Announce the recycling program to the community. Show them the company’s commitment to the environment
  • Provide regular updates about program success through media articles, local recycling events
  • Include the recycling initiative

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