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A hub of all issues and initiatives about Economy, Society and Environment concerning Sustainable Development in Lebanon.

Activities and Projects:
  • Dive into Action: empowerment program that aims to shift perceptions and behaviors about environmental issues by engaging citizens to join concrete actions through multiple nature cleanups per month, coupled with workshops on site, campaigns, advocacy, and preventative measures
  • Roots Academia: environmental science, arts, wellness Programs to inspire you[th] led innovation
  • EcoSouk: platform for production, distribution, and innovation to give customers an access to a network of eco-conscious producers, aiding an industrial transition towards regenerative systems and circular economy
Drop-Off Tabarja is a recycling center founded by Fredy Ouaiss, establisher of "Handicapés et la société"

Objective: Sort all kind of recyclable materials such as Plastic, Papers, Nylon, Cans, E-Waste, Car Batteries and Metals.
Offering services towards green CSR, through Electronic Waste solutions and social awareness

Promote good environmental practices among the Lebanese communities for sustainable solutions and sound development

Collects all types of electronic waste.


Aim to gather responsible people willing to manage their waste and work together to spread this culture among our communities to save our nature and to turn our waste into resources

Recognize and respect the natural resources of our country. Take concrete action on the ground to support, enlighten and inform the world of entrepreneurship.

  • The CEEDD - Eco-citizenship and sustainable development education chair hosted at USJ
  • Citizen Café - Information and expression gathering and conferences for more responsible citizens
  • Viridis Investment Fund (VIF) - An investment fund for financial and operational support to startups and SMEs
Greenpeace is a non-profit international organization that works to change public opinion and lifestyles towards practices that preserve the environment and promote peace

  • To push for a revolution in energy production and investment to address the greatest threats to our planet and our existence: climate change.
  • Detect and disrupt destructive and unsustainable fishing practices, as well as seek to establish a network of marine protected areas and other seas and oceans.
  • Preserving old forests and defending the plants, animals and cultures in which they survive.
  • Work for a bright, world-free nuclear technology, be it for energy or war.
  • Building for a future that is missing toxins by providing and marketing safer alternatives than currently available chemicals.
  • Work to ensure the use of sustainable farming practices, through the rejection of GMOs, the protection of natural diversity and the promotion of socially conscious agriculture.


Activities and Projects:
  • 2003 - Launching of hospital waste program - treating potentially infectious healthcare waste (pihcw).
  • 2009 - Handling and managing Domaine de Taanayel, a 560 acres plot of land that conserves local biodiversity and provides a small natural park for its worldwide visitors.
  • 2010 - Recycling waste in Lebanon by collecting plastic, paper and metal throughout the country and dropping them for sorting at arcenciel centers strategically located in every corner of Lebanon.
  • Researching to create the first biopesticide in the MENA region. Le Biop is specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of the Lebanese ecosystem. It is designed not to harm human beings or microorganisms.
  • 2015 - Publishing a manual on how people and municipalities can effectively manage their waste. Training and raising awareness and preparing municipalities to implement their own waste management centers.

E-Cycle Program:
  • Engaging 200,000 students, e-consumers, 150 e-retailers, parents, and 500 teachers in Lebanon and Jordan in sorting and collection of e-waste through school programs and public-private partnerships
  • Collects and stores e-waste from individuals and companies and ships it to Europe for recycling
  • Provides e-waste collection points in Lebanon and Jordan
A nonprofit private sector association representing stakeholders from the food and packaging sectors in Lebanon

  • To increase the competitiveness of Lebanese products on export markets through the improvement of packaging
  • To ensure their conformity with international standards for packaging and labeling
  • To address key issues across the packaging value chain, from improving packaging and labeling to increasing market access of Lebanese products for export markets

Activities and Projects:
  • Consultancies and trainings provided by the center
  • Packaging promotion among the general public
  • Facilitation of access to laboratory testing
  • Dissemination of information through publications and over the net
  • The setting of a platform for the exchange of ideas and experience between members and monitoring packaging regulations on local and international levels
A non-profit NGO working towards promoting sustainable building industry of international standing 

  • Certifying buildings that achieve fixed rating levels and meet sustainable environment requirements
  • Identifying, devising and promoting procedures, methods and solutions for sustainable design and construction of buildings
  • Promoting industry standards, educational programs, and design practices targeting professionals related to environmentally responsible buildings, individuals, and teams
Cedars for Care aims to preserve the environment, achieve human rights, and keep social balance

Activities and Projects:
  • Provides bio-degradable culinary products: plates, forks, knives, cups, bags and small storage boxes at competitive prices
  • The "Ocean-Blue" annual campaign where corporate, non-profit and mainstream volunteers join in to clean up the Lebanese coast

  • To raise awareness among Lebanese youth of the principles of public health and sustainable development
  • To promote the importance of peace and to educate how to preserve nature resources through singing, lectures and training of trainers, and practical projects
  • To encourage the Lebanese community, the private and the public sector, and the municipalities to adopt sustainable development principles and help to protect natural resources
To protect, promote and maintain the Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve located in north Lebanon, which contains diverse and beautiful remnants of the Cedars of Lebanon, making the reserve a very important part of the country’s cultural and natural heritage

Activities and Projects:
  • Recreational activities and Leisure: Long walks, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, horseback -riding and snowshoeing
  • Awareness campaign (discovery walks, presentation and film)
  • Ecotourism packages: Two days and one night connecting the Reserve and the natural and cultural attractions in Ehden and the surrounding villages

Promoting ecotourism and encouraging the love of nature among its members

Activities and Projects:
  • Eco-tourism activities: Hiking, caving, mountain climbing, rappelling, scuba diving, camping, rafting, canoeing, biking, snowshoeing, night hikes, fishing nights
  • Workshops and trips abroad
L’Ecoute works hand in hand with and for the disabled persons (deaf, blind, or with reduced mobility) and sick people

Collect household and industrial waste, sort it, and route it to recycling centers.

  • Finance L’Ecoute projects towards people with disabilities
  • Educate our society on the need to preserve nature in order to insure a healthy life in a clean environment
  • Participate actively in the global effort to preserve nature and the ecological development
  • Avoid the unnecessary waste of essential raw materials such as plastic, paper, carton, and so on
  • Provide people in need with recycled electrical appliances

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