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Some Lebanese companies and organizations have already passed the green light. Here are some examples:

  • Integrated management system: Continuously improving our implemented IMS relevant to quality, safety, as well as environment and ensure that all our employees are aware of its importance and are adequately trained
  • Membership: Joined the UN Global Compact organization which leads the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative in calling companies to align strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, and actions that advance society goals
  • Citizen billboards: Offered to date 119,310 faces through 780 campaigns with a nominal value of $8,767,770 from 1986
  • New projects: Replacing all lamps and lights inside the company, as well as the rooftops and unipole projectors, with LED ones; this will reduce the energy consumption by 1/3
  • Future project under testing: Installation of solar panels to replace other sources of power; three panels have been installed in different locations so far
  • Paper collection: Collected by “Terre Liban” and “Zero Waste ACT” and recycled by “Solicor” and “Sicomo” into different paper products, such as block notes, packaging paper, and cartons. The NGOs  provide four trees for each ton of paper collected
  • Poster collection: Collected by Pikasso recycling team, the posters are usually sent to “Sicomo” in Bekaa  in order to be used as refuse derived fuel
  • Flexes: Collected by the billposting team  and are used as shelter reinforcement as per the agreement recently signed with Save the Children to help refugees in Bekaa and the North
  • Plastic capsules: Collected by Arc en ciel: every 500,000 caps collected and then sold to “Nariz Co Plast”, “Arc en Ciel” donates a wheel chair
  • Plastic, cans, metals, aluminum, wood, tires/wheels, lamps, electronics, and office equipment: Collected by specialists and recycled into different products
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  • Since 2012, we have set up the Green Berets (equivalent of a green committee) as a green initiative by Quantum Group. The initiative targets all companies under the Group; from Quantum Communications to M&C SAATCHI and Mercury. It aims at strengthening green practices at the workplace and beyond
  • In 2013, we partnered with arcenciel over two initiatives that are still ongoing to date. The first is the “Throw Caps Give Wheels” and the second is the “Sort Waste at the Source”
  • We hold various outings for the Group to raise environmental awareness and encourage green and healthy practices. For instance, organized an outing at the Chouf Biosphere Reserve and another one, in coordination with G ngo (headed by Nader Naqib), at the Nabe3 El Safa apple groves for self-harvesting of organic apple
  • We exercise internal guerrilla marketing. We’ve pasted “turn off the light/ save energy” stickers next to all light switches inside our premises. We’ve distributed on an early morning rebranded plastic water bottles (which we recycled afterwards) on the desks of our employees including messages on water consumption in an infographic style. We share “briefing” emails that equally raise awareness
  • We’ve included green thinking under our Group’s Code of Ethics, as manifested in the following relevant excerpt: “From social conduct to environment and sports, the Group is committed to improving social and environmental efficiency wherever possible. Furthermore, the Group works to maintain a clean and sustainable environment within its premises in a belief this not only spurs healthier operations but consolidates green practices at work and beyond”
  • Our spending of paper decreased and so did our electricity bills. Worth mentioning, is that in 2013 we’ve conducted a green audit of our premises at Quantum Tower (Sofil) and Quantum House (Sursock) through APAVE and based on their recommendations, we managed to cut on our electricity bills, by installing curtains on some windows to preserve cool conditioned air on low fan mode and moderate temperature as well as using LED lights instead of regular more costly bulbs
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