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Some Lebanese companies and organizations have already passed the green light. Here are some examples:

  • Filtered power waste by changing terrace lighting to colorful led lights, which reduced the power bill by 25% since installed
  • Applied the same on the entire interior lighting as well, saving an additional 20%, which means a savings of approximately 45% comparing to last year's bill
  • Air quality, as measured, improved by 30% since planting 24 fruit trees around the entire 250 square meter terrace

  • Strive to improve environmental footprint and enhance services to protect the environment
  • Pursue projects where green standards are implemented 
  • Adapted environmentally-friendly technologies in new head office in the Sequoia building on Sami Solh Avenue in Beirut
  • Upgraded all procedures to reduce paperwork and unnecessary distribution of documents
  • Migrated the majority of massive data storage to the cloud to meet their needs worldwide, drastically reducing on-premise servers and their corresponding electrical loads
  • Jointly executed an eco-village in Mount Lebanon Governorate, Chouf District with sister company Eco-Bkerzay
  • Aforementioned eco-friendly conservation village with traditional guest houses was first project of its kind to meet the green international standard and get a BREEAM Certificate
  • The final score was 57.4%, equivalent to a rating of “very good”, one of the highest in Lebanon under the more stringent BREEAM 2016 requirements

  • Investment in a luxury resort project with three guiding themes: luxury, ‘green’ and water in an aim to preserve the beauty and rich vegetation of the site amid the deforestation of Lebanon
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  • Using LED lights in our offices to reduce heat and energy consumption
  • Continuously promoting and encouraging our employees to be cautious in energy and water usage in all our offices
  • Committed to an internal environmental policy and strategy
  • Our offices are designed in a way to maximize natural daylight and reducing cool air escapes
  • Promoting projects that include planting trees, gardens, waste water treatment, solar system, and many other eco-friendly systems
  • Using the new environment-friendly biodegradable plastic trash bags
  • Using recycled paper material
  • Established a recycling system in our offices
  • Turning off office equipment when it's not being used
  • Implementing a “No Smoking” policy in our offices
  • Launched our Eco-Friendly project in Laklouk; Portes du Soleil is certified as "Pioneers in Green Development / Initial Environmental Examination" by SES

  • The architectural and electromechanical concepts of Sky Gate, their flagship development, were carefully studied using the newest sustainable technologies
  • Low-e double glazing with rolling sun screens were used to protect from heat and glare and reduce the heating and cooling loads leading to less energy and fuel consumption
  • Solar collector tubes are found on the entire tower technical roof serving the hot water in the apartments; and reducing the use of the boilers, taking advantage of the sunny climate in Beirut
  • The central heating system is designed with a centralized plant room using a controlling panel board to synchronize the usage of the boilers, to reach the best efficiency heating and for end users to economize in their usage of heating during their absence
  • The Air Conditioning system was selected using friendly refrigerant gas protecting the domestic ozone layer. This system with variable speed and digital compressor will allow for a reduction in the electrical consumption
  • The electrical installation and network are designed based on the latest commercialized technologies, leading to electrical energy savings and highly efficient systems integrating energy sustainable opportunities
  • The existence of several stand-by Electrical Generators achieves lower fuel consumption and lower smoke emissions

  • Employ brand-new equipment with the latest technology in gas emissions reduction (load sensing system, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with EPA certification)
  • Follow a strict preventive maintenance schedule for all equipment
  • Dispose of used lubes (engine oil, hydraulic fluid…) at designated refineries
  • Design efficient structures
  • Encourage clients to adopt environmental friendly solutions where possible like the MSE Walls
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