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Green Transportation
  • This first tip is good not only for the planet, but also the mind, body, and soul. Walk, Jog or Cycle to work! It saves money, stops pollution and is good exercise to prevent heart disease and obesity
  • If you still have to drive to work for one reason or another, share with your colleagues or friends, especially those who live close by and work in the same company
  • When you are in a traffic jam, especially in Beirut, switch off your engine. If it is left on for more than ten seconds, it uses more petrol than you need to restart the engine
  • Instead of vacationing abroad every year, try to make it just every other year. Treat yourself to a spa weekend or a posh hotel for a few days during the years that you do not travel. There are many hotels and resorts in Beirut and Lebanon that offer such weekends
  • When it is time to get a new car, choose a hybrid, as they are much more energy efficient than normal cars. BUMC offers a Toyota Hybrid at competitive prices
  • Plan your trip well. Obtain timetable and route-maps for your journey to know what to expect in advance. Many municipal public transport systems now have free maps for Beirut and other cities which will calculate the fastest times and best route for your starting point and destination, which can take the uncertainty out of public transport travel
  • Telecommute: Do not drive to the office, or fly to that conference, if you can arrange to complete your work/presentation electronically, or via video conferencing. Video conferencing can reduce 99 percent of the energy used for a trans-continental flight

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