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Green Cuisine

You are what you eat! Buying locally-produced natural products is both a healthier and more environmentally-friendly decision. Less emissions are involved in transporting and manufacturing these products and buying them would also support the local agriculture industry.

Terroirs du Liban - Fair Trade Lebanon
Traditional foods, mouneh, preserves, oils, wine, prepared foodstuff, exports to Europe and US 

Mamlaket al lezzeb - Marcel Geagea
Dairy, cheeses, organic vegetables, wild herbs, limited production, sold locally and to order
Size: 15 (An association of people from one village)
Barqa, Bekaa 

Wadi Al Taym - Lina Bahmad
Certified organic mouneh as well as natural products, jams, sauces, juices, exported to Dubai and Kuwait upon order
Number of employees: 34 (A co-op of all women)
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