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Your Green Business Checklist: How Green Are You ?

Air Emissions…
  • Reserve carpool/vanpool parking spaces
  • Make transit schedules, commuter ride sign-ups, and so on available to employees
  • Offer employee incentives for carpooling or using mass transit (e.g. guaranteed ride home if needed)
  • Linking trips to accomplish all tasks in one outing (supported through the use of GPS systems in cars)
Reducing Hazardous Materials
  • Eliminate aerosol cleaners and room fresheners
  • Proper food and garbage storage and landscaping to limit pests and the use of chemical pesticides
  • Use one or a few multipurpose cleaners, rather than many special-purpose cleaners
  • Replace standard fluorescent lights with low mercury fluorescent lights
  • Use rechargeable rather than single-use batteries
  • Buy paper products (towels, napkins and copy paper) that are unbleached (no chlorine, or “PFC”)
Recycling and Reusing
  • Cardboard (corrugated cardboard boxes)
  • Used toner cartridges (can often be sent back to manufacturer)
  • Excess paint (reuse as a primer, give to hazardous waste collection program or donate)
  • Used florescent tubes
  • Electronic waste equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, and fax machines
  • Mixed paper (junk mail, magazines, catalogs, newspapers, phonebooks, and so on)
  • Metal, including scrap from remodeling activities and replacing equipment
  • For shipping non-food items, use shredded paper for packaging needs instead of purchasing styrofoam™ pellets, bubble wrap, or other packing materials
  • Leave grass clippings on mowed turf (“grass-cycling”) rather than disposing
  • Donate old uniforms and linens to shelters or nonprofits organizations or otherwise recycle them
Creating Environmental Awareness
  • Adopt a strategic Green initiative
  • Promote being Green on collateral material, website, and e-mail
  • Buy from Green-friendly suppliers
  • Educate employees, clientele, and vendors about the advantages of joining a Green business network

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