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Information Technology

Some Lebanese companies and organizations have already passed the green light. Here are some examples:

  • Gradually replacing traditional plastic bags with new environment-friendly biodegradable plastic bags, which has already been done by affiliates 460 The Multimedia Store, The Mac Shop, and B Systems
  • Plans to launch a project that reduces paper waste and massive consumption, as well as recycling within offices
  • Plans to conduct training staff in awareness of Reduce /Re-use /Recycle habits, the use of cardboard bins and recycled bags of collected used papers for recycling
  • Using energy-saving technologies and measures in new offices building that are currently under construction
  • Created  a new activity within ITG, branded ECOsys, to provide renewable energy solutions
  • Introduced a new eco-slogan for ITG: ITG = I Think Green
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  • Selling RoHS-compliant equipment Only
  • Advocating & promoting use of Virtual Servers to reduce carbon footprint and electricity consumption
  • Encouraging software-based comparable solutions (as opposed to hardware) to reduce shipping carbon footprint
  • Reducing use of printed materials and replacing them with electronic media and contents
  • Using video-conferencing whenever possible to reduce car & plane travel carbon footprint
  • Using recycled paper for all our Corporate letterhead
  • Selectively recycling and sorting trash
  • Disposing of batteries and other heavy-metal trash in ad hoc facilities

  • Collecting electronic/electrical and packaging waste and directing it to approved organizations for recycling
  • Collecting battery waste and directing it to approved organizations for recycling
  • Collecting scrap toners and directing them to approved organizations for recycling
  • Collecting scrap office paper and directing it to approved organizations for recycling
  • Selecting vendors who are taking into consideration environmentally-friendly products
  • Installating GPS to all company’s vehicles in order to better monitor the delivery of products
  • Proper and systematic maintenance of the central heating/cooling system of the company
  • The central heating/cooling system is automatically switched off during lunch time and non-working hours
  • Installating motion detectors and light sensors for lighting common areas
  • In the process of getting approval in order to replace all fluorescent light bulbs of the Head Office Building with LED light bulbs in order to minimize energy consumption

  • Recycling papers, electronics, ink cartridges and toners
  • Printing 2-sided documents
  • Printing 4 or more slides on one page
  • Not using more than 3 napkins/employee in the cafeteria
  • Using washable mugs, plates and silverware instead of plastic cups, plates…
  • Using the backs of old printed items as scratch papers
  • We have specific bins for each recyclable item
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