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Some Lebanese companies and organizations have already passed the green light. Here are some examples:

  • Installed a water management system to decrease wastewater generation and water consumption by producing potable water and irrigation water
  • 53Dots’ building is surrounded by more than 350 trees which decreases air pollution, which is especially important as it is located in an industrial zone 
  • Installed a heat exchanger to heat water and maintain the facility’s climate, thus decreasing the use of air conditioners. The energy used to power air compressors is recovered using the heat exchanger which removes the heat generated by the compression of air from a compressed air stream 
  • A building management system (BMS) was adopted to decrease energy consumption. A BMS is a computer-based control system for ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems, it comprises of sensors, software and microprocessor-based controllers which are used for monitoring and/or controlling equipment, systems and areas within a building. It facilitates the operation and evaluation of a “green building”
  • The company is FSC and PEFC certified which indicates the purchase of raw materials originating from sustainably managed forests which aim to encourage environmental protection among suppliers and subcontractors
  • A member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since July 2017 and has adopted initiatives targeting good health and wellbeing, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work conditions and economic growth, climate action and life on land
  • A member of SEDEX since November 2014 which operates in the fields of environment, labor rights, health and safety, and business ethics
  • ISO 22000 certified since November 2014 which controls the likelihood of introducing contamination through the work environment by controlling construction and the layout of buildings, the layout of premises and workspaces, waste disposal, clean maintenance, cleaning and sanitation
  • Installed a sanitary sewer for chemical waste treatment
  • The majority of the administration building is made of glass which allows maximum light access and therefore minimizes electricity usage
  • Every three months laboratory tests on water and CO2 are conducted as per the Lebanese “Libnor” standards to control and maintain harmful air emissions
  • Adopted an automated energy system (electricity, ventilation, air conditioners…) which operates according to employee’s work schedules and therefore saves energy consumption 
  • The company segregates solid waste (paper and cardboard) in offices, production areas, and the cafeteria, which are collected by a recycling company
  • Ink containers are collected separately by a recycling company
  • Uses vegetable oil-based inks instead of regular petrol oil-based inks
  • Uses water-based varnish instead of oil-based varnish 
  • Maintains effective communication of environmental issues with employees and suppliers through proposal schemes, training courses, discussions, and an environmental manual
  • Official sponsor for Earth Hour Lebanon. Earth Hour is the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action for our planet and nature
  • In the process of switching all florescent lamps to LED lights by end of 2019

  • Participated voluntarily, in September 2013, to the Ministry of Environment project: “Development of Environmental Audits and Compliance Action Plans”. This audit can be a reference for environmental audits concerning the Environmental Compliance for Facilities (Decree no 8471)
  • In 2014, the Environmental Management System of ARAB PRINTING PRESS has been certified to ISO 14001: 2004, which makes APP the first printing press and the 7th industrial company in Lebanon as well as the first printing firm in the Middle East region to achieve this certification. It is the policy of APP to protect and preserve the environment, in fulfilling this responsibility; APP adheres to some fundamental principles:
    Complying fully with environmental laws and regulations (regular tests for liquid waste and gas emissions). Considering environmental factors when making planning, purchasing, and operating decisions (new machines, new raw materials…). Seeking to prevent pollution before it is produced, reducing the amount of waste at our facilities (paper, plates and pallets) and supporting pollution prevention measures by our customers and suppliers. Using energy efficiently throughout our operations, re-using and recycling whenever possible (recycling all the paper, plastic, metal and wood waste…), and using environmentally friendly materials (alkoless fountain, powder, we used 305203 liters of green diesel in 2015). Working cooperatively with others to achieve optimum environmental objectives
  • Installed, in 2014, a new printing machine KBA 106 it’s a green machine: Low impact on the environment, low energy consumption, Low noise, less powder and alcohol consumption
  • Shifted in January 2015 to using Led Lights in the entire factory (5000 sqm)
  • Implemented in March 2015 a 136.75 KWp On-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant; The yearly energy production of this station is 208 MWh and the yearly GHG emissions savings is 104 Ton_Co2. It’s one of the largest projects in Lebanon. A Net-Metering System is connected to APP’s EDL electrical station; If APP PV station produces more power at any given moment than the plant consumes, the extra power will flow into EDL’s electrical grid. This project was an occasion for APP to raise the public awareness about the clean technologies that promote sustainable energy and advance the use renewable energy sources by: sending emails to our clients and suppliers, clients meetings and conferences
  • Has been added, in May 2015, to the register of participants to the UN Global Compact. As a participant, APP commits to the 3 principles of this Global Compact related to the environment: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges; Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies
  • For two consecutive years (2014 &2015) the Ministry of Environment and the United Nations Development Programme awarded APP for reporting its greenhouse gas emissions. The APP GHG emissions savings in 2014 were 300 ton_CO2 and the energy savings were 398900 kWh, these savings were the result of: Installing a new printing machine KBA 106; moving all heat-emitting auxiliaries to non-cooled / non-treated areas; applying high reflective paint to the metallic roof to reduce the cooling load. In 2015, two new environmental projects were executed: Led lighting and solar PV station; the yearly GHG emissions savings became: 515 ton_CO2, and the yearly energy savings 736100 KWh
  • Increased its recycled boxes consumption for packaging from 3.8% of its total boxes consumption in 2014 to 8.9% in 2015, the 2016 target is 20%
  • Conducts regular training and awareness sessions for the staff on environmental issues: waste reduction, reduce excess solvent use and reduce emissions of voc, preserve natural resources by reducing consumption of nonrenewable natural resources (electricity, water...)
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  • Using vegetable oil based inks instead of the regular petrol oil based inks
  • Most of the chemicals used in the printing process meet European standards, when it comes to health hazards and safety measures
  • All waste paper that the printing press produces goes straight to the recycling plants, by pick-up trucks that are fully dedicated to this matter
  • Committed to investing in emerging eco-friendly solutions and technologies and is gradually integrating them in its daily production process
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  • Complies with FSC & PEFC international green standards
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified, followed by the ISO LOYDS 9001-2008, and the green certifications FSC & PEFC
  • Spares no effort to protect the environment by reprocessing all waste into recycled material
  • Supports healthcare, green initiatives and community related events
  • Integrity: Acting ethically at all levels of the organization to submit the utmost success to our valued customers
  • Quality: Striving individually and collectively in each department for continuous quality improvement and enhancement
  • Value: Each solution is specifically chosen for a certain project and is customized to customer’s needs in order to supply the right product at the best price to performance ratio
  • All staff are encouraged to switch off their computers before leaving the office
  • Environmental Awareness: Promote being Green on collateral material, Buy from Green-friendly suppliers and Educate employees, clientele, and vendors about the advantages of joining a Green business network
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