Sign the Green Pledge The Green Business Handbook

Some Lebanese companies and organizations have already passed the green light. Here are some examples:

  • Participated in an internal sustainability forum to highlight on the importance of the environment and how to help in protecting it
  • Added a ‘Save Water’ sign to all bathrooms
  • Replaced plastic cups with paper cups and plastic spoons with wooden stirrers 
  • Initiated “The Trash Campaign” to help clean Lebanese shores
  • Provided recycle bins to recycle paper and plastic in partnership with NGOs and other companies
  • Ensured all printers are on automatic sleep mode to reduce energy consumption 
  • Encouraged employees to shut down their electrical devices and turn off the lights during out of office hours
    Future initiatives:
  • Conversion to recycled business cards
  • Reduce the use of plastic by finding alternatives whenever possible
  • Distribute reusable bags for all employees
  • Organize scheduled awareness campaigns among employees
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  • Recycles paper, plastic, and cans with NGOs and other companies
  • Future Initiatives: 
  • Complete conversion to LED lights by mid-2019 and to shift A/C units to ozone-free items over a 5-year plan, and more
  • Reduce plastic consumption by finding alternatives where possible

  • The hospital is surrounded with green outdoor areas which are well maintained by the hospital
  • Implemented an Internal Waste Management System
  • Segregate our wastes internally and export them to “Arc en Ciel” from a medical waste room following to the Environmental Services Standards
  • Planning on establishing a solar system to provide the hospital with the needed energy

  • Since the beginning of the year 2016, Prodent SAL is committed to a waste management plan in cooperation with Arcenciel, based on separating the trash in the related bins divided between papers and cartons/ plastic/ metal
  • Backed our plan with a paperless communication and a healthiest conduct, along with several eco-friendly changes made at Prodent such as switching our lighting into LED
  • Installed the first solar system to companies in Lebanon back in 2008. This year we have invested again in a brand new system with double capacity helping us saving energy by providing electricity to our servers and our IT infrastructure, contributing also in avoiding CO2 emission

  • Remove personal bins and centralize waste and recycling system
  • Ensure heating and cooling systems are optimally setup and temperature is set between (20-22 degree C.)
  • Implement default double sided printing
  • Setup a printer friendly email signature for all staff. Here’s a simple and short example of what u can say: “Please consider the environment before printing this email.”
  • Install timers on printers to ensure shut down after office hours
  • Replace inefficient high energy light bulbs with lower voltage energy saving lights
  • Encourage staff to use scrap paper for internal notes by giving each staff member a scrap paper box on their desk
  • Ensure boilers, AC units and radiators are properly maintained through an annual service
  • Implement a comprehensive recycling scheme to recycle cardboard, plastics, glass, CDs, batteries, fluorescent tubes, IT equipment and so on
  • Optimize the use of natural light and ventilation, as much as we can
  • Transporting our staff in buses to reduce car usage

  • Future Initiatives:
  • Implement a switch off campaign for lights and office equipment
  • Buy organic products and fair trade teas and coffees
  • Purchase recycled paper and green office stationary
  • Put water hippos in the toilet cisterns to reduce flush volume and save water
  • Invest in automatic power shut down software or plugs to switch off IT equipment after office hours
  • Have all residual landfill waste collected by a waste contractor who offers zero to landfill services (i.e. incineration via an energy from waste plant)
  • Write and implement an environmental policy
  • Use non-hazardous and Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Measure our carbon footprint to identify where our largest impact is and then use a credible carbon offset program to offset any residual emissions that we can’t reduce or mitigate more than we already have
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