Sign the Green Pledge The Green Business Handbook

Some Lebanese companies and organizations have already passed the green light. Here are some examples:

  • Introduced the use of hybrid bikes in Lebanon
  • Established a recycling system in its offices
  • Utilizes low-consumption lighting
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  • Became a Zero Waste company that aims to save energy and diverted recyclable waste away from landfills toward recycling facilities, through placing bins to sort organic waste, papers, plastics, and cans /glass in each department, and healthy treatment of organic waste through composition
  • Celebrates 'Earth Hour' through turning off lights in all offices as an initiative to save energy
  • Distributed freshly planted vegetables, planted and grown by  employees, to DHL customers in oreder to encourage the Go Green concept
  • Participated in the Clean Environment and the Forest Fire Control project
  • Plants cedars in Shouf National Reserve
  • Provides awareness to employees through interdepartmental competitions
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  • Raising awareness and acting on the efficient use of water and electricity in all our offices
  • Increasing the use electrical bicycles for letter carriers in the city
  • Using Segways for letter carriers in malls
  • Signs in our offices encouraging recycling
  • Reducing the use of papers by providing electronic receipts
  • Purchasing environmental friendly raw material
  • Started an initiative with the “Zerowasteact” to train our employees on recycling and start a recycling program within the company
  • Engaged in environmental initiatives such as the #UBERrecycle initiative in collaboration with two other NGOs: LIVELOVEBEIRUT and ARCENCIEL. In a week’s time, we gathered 5 big bags of papers and plastic bottles
  • Sponsoring NGO events and communicating these events in our offices. A few examples of 2015: Saradar Foundation, Tareq Sikias, Heartbeat, Red Cross, Yaduna, Un Coeurs Pour Philippe, CAP Ho and Chance
  • In 2016, we implemented recycling in headquarters in coordination with Arcenciel
  • Planned initiative for 2016: plant a tree for any x number of transaction in cooperation with our corporate clients
  • No smoking policy on all premises
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