Green Pledge
About the Pledge
Based on the recommendations of the United Nations Environmental Program, the Corporate Green Pledge provides a list of 8 green engagements to companies and organizations that allow them to become environmentally friendly in a feasible manner. It is an expression of their moral commitment to a greener corporate behavior.

Why a Green Pledge?
Because leading businesses are realizing that being environmentally responsible is no longer an option, but a necessity to maintain a strong image in a competitive market. Maximizing profits does not only pass through quality products and services, but also through sustainable practices. Green is also the color of money.

Who is Eligible?
Private companies in Lebanon that are currently committed to a green initiative or those who plan to commit in the future.

The Signatories
Dozens of leading companies from different fields of the Lebanese private sector have signed the pledge. Their initiatives range from eco-friendly products to sustainability training, media campaigns and financing facilities for green projects. By signing the pledge, their main role is to influence other organizations from the private and public sectors to follow their lead.

Signatories list

Valuable exposure and networking opportunities await the signatories, who will have their logos and initiatives exposed on the project's website, in the Lebanon Opportunities magazine, in promotional material, and in the annual Green Business Opportunities conference.

The Vision Ahead
Lebanon Opportunities aims to gather 1000 signatories to its green pledge. Through their combined initiatives, information and activities, these signatories will contribute towards raising awareness, providing solutions, and saving the environment.

Pledge for Corporate Environmental Responsibility