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Customs charges and fees cut on hybrid and electrical cars
First electrical chargers at Medco stations
The 2018 budget, now approved by the Parliament, has amended customs charges and tariffs on eco-friendly cars.

Customs and excise fees on hybrid cars, which use both gasoline and electrical power, have been decreased to 20 percent. Public transportation vehicles will benefit from an additional decrease in customs and excise fees, falling to ten percent. The latter will also benefit from discounted registration and mechanique fees at their first registration.

Private vehicles that operate only through charged batteries, also known as Electrical Vehicles, will be fully exempted from custom duties and other internal excise fees. Public transportation vehicles will also be discharged from registration and mechanique fees at their first registration.

MEDCO, a chain of gasoline stations, has just introduced Electric Vehicle Chargers at two of its facilities in Beirut Central District and Dora areas for electrical cars. The chargers are compatible with the three international types of EV charging.

Reported by Samer Rasbey
Published on: May 02, 2018