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First electric car launched locally
Renault Twizy to retail at $19,900
Renault Twizy, will be launched by Bassoul Heneine, as the first electric car, to the local market.

Joy Zakhour from Bassoul Heneine, said: "We want to be pioneers in the electric cars in the market and we feel that the Twizy will be a good introduction for the Renault Zero Emission vehicles."

Renault Twizy will be available for sale at $19,900 including Value Added Tax (VAT) as of July 12.

The 2018 Twizy comes in three different models. It is a front-wheel drive with 17 horsepower. The caràs top speed is 80 kilometers per hour and goes from zero to 50 Km/hr in 6.6 seconds.

Twizy has Bluetooth connectivity and a driver airbag. A panoramic sunroof is optional.

The car seats two. Twizy is charged by opening the front flap, pulling out the cable and plugging it into any domestic (230V) socket, like an appliance. It is fitted with a recyclable lithium-ion battery. The battery can be fully charged in only three and half hours.

Car loans offered by bank are applicable on this vehicle, according to Zakhour.

Bassoul Heneine is the local exclusive dealer for Renault, BMW and Rolls Royce.
Published on: Jul 04, 2017