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Reforestation of former quarry
16,000 trees to offset carbon dioxide emissions
A partnership between Advanced Car Rental, Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI), US Agency for International Development (USAID), and the USFS, will see the reforestation of a 200,000 square meter disused quarry in Jbaa-Shouf with around 16,000 trees native to the country. The $100,000 required to fund the initiative will be provided by USAID and Advanced Car Rental.

Shady Younis, Partner at Advanced Car Rental, said: "The reason for the initiative is to offset the carbon dioxide emitted from our fleet of over 800 cars."

The reforestation is expected to cover 20 percent of the emissions. The initiative will form part of the company's yearly budget. It plans to reforest one quarry a year in order to reach a 'carbon-free journey'.

LRI will be in charge of execution and maintenance of the deforestation initiative during the next three years.

Advanced Car Rental will also import in March 2017 four Hyundai Ionic, a hybrid car, in a bid to become an entirely green company.
Published on: Nov 16, 2016