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Alfa initiates E-waste recycling project
Solar energy prices dropped seven times in seven years
25 consortiums interested in hydropower production
Biodiesel pilot plant to be set up by USEK and IPTEC
Customs charges and fees cut on hybrid and electrical cars
Three wind farms in Akkar get licensed
First electric car launched locally
265 companies submit proposals for solar energy
Reforestation of former quarry
Green homes in the pipeline
API factory to install 1 MW of solar power
Up for grabs: 12 solar farm permits
Installed solar power is set to double this year
Renewable energy to get financing support
Green for Growth fund to start local operations
Major changes to get subsidized green loan
One megawatt solar farm in Choukin
Mandatory environmental requirements for industrialists
Energy storage system retail network to expand
Solar power to light Tripoli
ABC launches environmental awareness sessions
USJ inaugurates eco-citizenship initiative
AUB going green
Solid waste plan: Fourth time a charm
Cost of climate change: $2 billion by 2020
Environment performance index up
30 percent of ABC electricity from alternative energy
Environmental impact study funded by the EU
Zero interest loans for eco-friendly plants
Garbage export officially flops
$50 million for garbage export
IFC extends loan to Fransabank arm
To Russia with garbage
Phoenix Energy to build solar farm in Egypt
Government green lights export of garbage
Nine garbage treatment facilities receive EU funding
Public and private facilities go solar
Council of Ministers passes Qaraoun pollution prevention loan
Cities' municipalities favor garbage plan
Garbage plan approved by Cabinet